Thursday, January 04, 2007

Okay - I Gave in to the Man

I have started Pay Per Posting, as you will see. However, I am still com-posting. So keep reading!


Anne said...

Huh ? What is pay-per posting ???

And how are you feeling ?


Hammer said...

I saw that advertised. Recently and was considering it. Not sure if they would want a picture of a guy in a kilt with his sac hanging out next to a "pay post"though.

can you link me their website?

Jake said...

Lordy, Lordy, I stopped doing anything for money, years ago.

So good luck with your latest adventure

NoMas said...

Anne & Hammer: the site is

They will pay you to write little ads and post them on your blog. There are a few requirements for each ad, you can only post 2 ads per day and each ad must be separated by your own post on a "regular" subject. Bur you get to select which item you want to write about.

NoMas said...

I feel okay this AM but I just took the meds that had me spinning yesterday. I have to go back to the doc for blood pressure check this morning. Thanks for asking Anne.

NoMas said...

Hammer - If you sign up for PayPerPost - tell them I refered you cause they will give me a pitance.

Hammer said...

cool will do.

I'll probably need to start another blog if they want "normal" posts :)