Friday, January 05, 2007

Blogging Contests

There are a couple of contests in the works:

Skittles relays that
The Seventh Annual Weblog Awards will be handed out soon. Your votes are being taken NOW. This is larger than anything I know about since it calls for submissions for every country practically!

Farmgirl Fare has been nominated for a 2006 Food Blog Award in the category Best Food Blog—Rural. If you have not yet checked out her site (she has been linked by me since my blog’s inception), you must do so. She always has a great picture of the day and plenty of recipes, including homemade bread tips. Don’t forget to vote if you like what you see! (You''ll find the voting link on her site.)

AND, last but most importantly,
Miss Halleyville 'dedicated' an entire post to me (well kinda). I am so flattered that someone thought enough of what I posted to repeat it.

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farmgirl said...

Thank you! : )