Sunday, December 03, 2006

Reality Show Bullshit

Who watches this crap? I guess there are perverts that like watching teenage Hos kiss each other in the hot tub then do every guy in the house - The Real World season 20 - how does this crap get renewed?

Solitary - these folks must be getting paid to do this crap. Why would anyone volunteer to endure torture for a measly amount of money? Hey, let us blare a siren in your ear for 15 hours straight and by the way, you can't eat or sleep during that time. Garbage

Flavor of Love - let's hope this gold-capped-toothed fool has found his love so we aren't subjected to bypassing his crappy show while trying to find something decent on tv anymore. I can't believe the one nightmare clip I saw where he ousted an internet pole dancer cause his kids might not approve. What the f--k? His entire show was full of whores shaking their stuff.

Just had to bitch - it's 3 am, I pay $70 a month for satellite and there is crap on TV.

Oooh, just found MSNBC Special on murder - yeah!!!!

1 comment:

Hammer said...

Ugh, I can't watch that horrid shit either.

I must be getting old or TV is getting worse.