Friday, December 01, 2006

Orca Attacks Trainer

It is astounding that people freak when a provoked wild animal attacks a human. Come on folks - it's a wild animal. Hell, if I try to hold down one of my cats just to medicate it, I'll surely get scratched. No brainer.

In fact, I have been bitten by my own kitties at least twice in my life (it was really my own fault - breaking up encounters with unfriendly dogs, etc.) and be warned that it will always require a trip to the doctor due to infection within 24 hours.

That said, I couldn't help recalling the following
Carlos Mencia's skit:

From Judge Carlos

A family is suing Seaworld because they found their 27 year old son, dead and naked, in Shamu's pen.

Look if you're 27 and you're still living at home with your mom and dad you ought to just 86 yourself right then and there.

The lawsuit also contends that the gifts at the gift shop don't show the nature of these vicious animals. Yeah I'm sure the name "Killer Whale" doesn't mean he'll swallow you whole. If someone said there were some killer Mexicans living next to you you wouldn't want to hang out with them.

"But Judge Carlos, I thought Shamu loves everybody."


Can I get an Amen, what do you say Ghost of Johnny Cochran.

Ghost Of Johnny Cochran: If you swim with the fishes, you be dead sumbitches.

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Hammer said...

These whales are smart and devious. If they aren't happy someone is going down.

Did you know that Killer whales live to be about 60 in the wild but rarely reach 25 in captivity?

Not that I'm a green peace freak or anything.