Sunday, December 03, 2006

Oh Boy - Leslie Magnets

Years ago I spotted this woman with long blonde hair standing on a street corner in a bikini. Being that I was in an affluent part of town, it was shocking that the police hadn't already knocked her in the head and thrown her in the patrol car.

Hell, I look in my rear view as I passed her and it had a full-faced black beard. Ugh - good night Charlie! Well this thing is now popular in the Austin area and
Wikipedia even knows who he is.

So in today's Austin American Mis-Statesman, I see that some fool had the idea to sell Leslie magnets. What's worse they are selling like candy at Halloween.

Guess people would rather throw money away than donate to a worthy cause. Goodness knows I'd rather support a chosen-to-be-homeless (he's been offered jobs) cross-dresser than provide a meal or clothing for an elderly person. F-wads.

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Jake said...

Well, you have a "Fertie", now.

Thanks for this visit over at "Curbside"

After reading some of your blog, I better take a lesson or two on being more "Urban"