Friday, December 29, 2006

Mother's Recollection


Not to correct your memory but let me just refresh it.

Coon's mother would hollar, "Arthur, Arthur, fetch Brother Ikewhistle (this was the preacher's name) a drink of water."

The well and water were at the front porch, but Mrs. Massey believed in waiting on the preacher. Coon hated Ikewhistle. He stayed a year with them one time. Coon played all kinds of tricks on him. Get your Daddy to tell you all of them.

Roy Harris, at the funeral yesterday, started telling your Daddy old Coon and Henry ( Roy's Dad) stories.

Ikewhistle is also the one that had the mustache that always had food in it and that gave Coon "Cold Chill Bumps" to look at it while they were eating. If Ikewhistle drank buttermilk, he would take one finger to the mustache and wipe and make a noise like chirping or something. I can make the noise, but I can't spell it!!!
love, mom

Thanks Mother - I seemingly recall the buttermilk ordeal. Now if we could only get Daddy to use the internet and write some of those tales....

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