Friday, December 29, 2006

Saddam - RIP

Okay, I do not usually post about politics despite my degrees in said subject BUT my opinion is as follows:

I am glad SH no longer exists but I am still in awe that most people do not know we put him in the position to do what he did. AND that fairly soon we will be enabling some other fanatic to do the same in Iraq. Then we will blame them for doing what our government enabled them to freaking do. Big circle of ignorance.

This is no different from any other ordeal that the US has been involved - We stir the shit and then jump into it after it has fermented.

And, I don't want to hear any more crap about 9/11 etc - WE the people i.e. our gov't let those asses come over here and prepare an attack then decided oops....

BTW - Sadaam was killing his own people and it was wrong; yet, why is no one adamant and up in arms about the criminals and child rapists in our own country that are allowed years upon years of appeals with our tax dollars?! Let us promptly put an end to the many deserving.

Okay - DONE.

PS - Know that do support our troops & government regardless - just offering my opinion.

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