Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy Birthday Hubby

Today is Hubby's birthday. He's younger than me by a year and 3 months, and for those 3 months he's 2 years younger. The age difference doesn't bother me except now that we are past 40, I'm jealous - I want to be 2 years younger too.

But, ya know what I do? I tell people that I'm 10 years older than I actually am. They always think I look great for my age! he he


Anonymous said...

tell L Happy Birthday from me! Still need to get over there to visit you guys. Too bad my kids will be scared of all of your farm animals. they just got used to the cows at our farm. Wimps, I tell ya!
your cuz,

NoMas said...

Ok T - thanks for reading! I didn't know if my family visited here or not. Now I know not to write about ya!!! he he

TMK said...

shut up! i'm too boring to write about.

Sarge Charlie said...

Oh, to be 40 again, and know what I know, what a life it would be. I just had my 69th birthday on 12/5 so you can understand longing for 40

Have fun and enjoy every moment, life is so short.....

The old sarge