Thursday, December 28, 2006

Birth Order

You Are Likely a First Born

At your darkest moments, you feel guilty.
At work and school, you do best when you're researching.
When you love someone, you tend to agree with them often.

In friendship, you are considerate and compromising.
Your ideal careers are: business, research, counseling, promotion, and speaking.
You will leave your mark on the world with discoveries, new information, and teaching people to dream.
Right On, I am indeed the first born with 2 younger brothers. What is YOUR birth order and do you have siblings?


Manno said...

Funny blog!!! Merry christmas and a happy new year!!!

Starrlight said...

I think you are about the only one with sibs that it guess right!

Lanie Magpie said...

How interesting! I am the first born and a counselor (at one point, I wanted to be a teacher) so it is on target for me!

NoMas said...

Lanie - thanks for visiting. Can I line up some on-line counseling?!?