Tuesday, November 07, 2006

YeeHaw, Get Out The Vote

Depending on the local Burnet Bulletin rag to provide voting information was just too much to expect. Of course, the county residents were provided a list of people arrested during the past week.
Upon moving to the farm, Hubby and I re-registered to vote. Our cards arrived each with a different precinct number. He was able to vote at the local old school house/community center and I had to drive into town to vote.
After calling the county election administrator, I was told that Hubby's card was in error and that we should both be driving into town to vote. What the ____. The schoolhouse is only 3 miles from the farm; yet, we must drive 10 miles to another location.
Guess we will experience the run around again today because goodness knows the election admin's office won't have their crap together. They work so hard manning a couple of elections a year. Why does early voting allow one to vote at the local HEB or other local polling facility but to vote on election day requires persistence and stamina?
On another note, I am in agony over my govenor vote. While I am in support of Kinky, my vote will not count for much against Perry. So I guess I'll have to buck-up and vote for Tough Grandma since she has a better chance of beating Perry. I do not want to pay for more inconclusive special sessions.

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