Monday, November 06, 2006

Gone CooCoo

Back in 2002, when we were in the process of moving to the farm, I bought a Barred Rock chick in anticipation of having a new farm baby. We were still living in Whiner Ranch (tales of which I will relay at some point) so keeping a chicken wasn't really an option.
She became very tame and would come running up the deck steps to sit on my lap. My little girl also loved gardening with me. For weeks, I had been telling various people that Penny was going to be a movie star due to her smarts.

One eventful afternoon, a couple of nosy residents were walking past my front yard and spotted my chick.

"Oh my, is that a chicken?" (Duh)

"Yes, indeed. I am an animal trainer and am teaching this little girl tricks for a new Disney movie that will be filmed later this year."

Alas, it was a good lie, you must admit. I didn't want to cause a ruckus.

After a few weeks, my husband pitched a fit and I had to give Penny away. I couldn't have selected a better "resort" for her. Carol Ann adores Penny and allows her to run the farm.

I now have 2 hens, Winnie and Lila. Winnie is a Barred Rock that isn't quite as friendly anymore. About a month ago, a stray dog came up and hurt her. She survived but acts as if I was the evil culprit. (Hopefully, she will return to hopping onto my lap soon).

Lila hen was a rescue from a neighbor. She was attacking his other hens and he was going to put her down. Winnie doesn't tolerate being bossed and even chases the cats for fun. I love my hens!

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