Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Funny Farm Dreams & Lack of Common Sense

Anthony's DeskJob has a link to dream analysis (see his Nov. 6th post). All I get is "unable to analyze your dream" no matter how I describe it. Briefly, the dream I've been having fairly frequently has to do with owning a luxury condo that has a beautiful atrium/sunroom filled with tropical plants, but I rarely go there. Every time I go to this condo my mail is overflowing and there are tons of messages on my voice mail, etc. Maybe I want to be off the farm or I'm headed to the funny farm!? Anyone care to interpret my dream?
Today's Rants:
I'm STILL pissed about Perry's re-election. Although as Keith's Blog relays in today's post, we should be hopeful due to the many firsts of our time during these past elections.
Baby Ceri went for spaying this morning at the vet's office the local animal shelter uses. (Her adoption fee included spaying which is why I took her there instead of to the vet I ordinarily use). I wasn't impressed when I dropped her off. Her appointment was at 8:30 AM and they indicated she might not have surgery until after 1 PM AND that she'd probably have to spend the night. Now for the kicker. I told the woman that Ceri has had all of her vaccinations. She also had on her rabies tag. Now the clinic called to let me know that her surgery is over, that she CAN be picked up today and that they gave her a rabies vaccination! HELLO, idiots - can we say "medical degree no common sense?" I wouldn't be so concerned if the previous rabies vaccination hadn't made her so sick for 2 days - poor baby now has to overcome surgery and fever.
Okay, done. Really I'm thankful that's all I've got to gripe about.


hammer said...

Veternary clinics can be bad in the idiot dept. I would have to say humans have it worse than dogs for health care.

Hope your dog gets better soon.

NoMas said...

Thanks Ham. Actually, it's my baby siamese kitty. She's beside me conked out right now. And you are so right about physicians! If you aren't sure what's wrong with yourself, best to stay home and hope for the best! (Just being an exaggerated smartass but ya know what i mean).

The Platypus said...

Email me for the HTML code you asked about.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the dream anayzer, it didnt work for my wife either. I tried it once because my dream is that my teeth are falling out and landing in a porcalin sink. When the teeth hit the sink they bounce around and fall down the drain before i can catch them. Weird huh.

NoMas said...

Anthony - That is a strange dream. What did Analyzer tell you - to floss? ha ha