Thursday, May 17, 2007

Online Personals: Part 3 - Attention-getting User Names

One of the most important ways to get noticed is to select an attention-getting user name such as the following:





Manlike Horse





L>T said...

nomas, thanks for the nice farewell comment on my blog.

I might drop in once in a while while I'm off line. But, already I'm feeling disconnected....weird.

see ya later.

Wally Banners said...

lol names. I like one I saw "Phil from_Marketing". lolol. HI YA Nomas! Doing great how about you! Was on rounds last night and I thought are they fighting harder or am I just getting older lolol.

kittenpower said...


NoMas said...

Tart: ur welcome

Wally: that is funny! Ah we're not getting older! 40's are the new 20's.

Kitten: I haven't received an invitation to read your blog!

lover boy with a cowboy hat said...

How's that?

NoMas said...

Lover: ok, ya know I could easily find out your location and server info from my site monitor, but I DO like the anonymity of it all! Kisses my dear C!

NoMas said...

Wally: I love your new avatar fish.

you know who said...

BUSTED by the site monitor!! Oh no.

LOL ... just having a little fun. After all, that's what I'm here for.

NoMas said...

Lover: Baby, by all means, enjoy yourself and I'll assist anyway I can!

NoMas said...

BTW - I didn't have to check the monitor, I knew from the bicycle comment - ya can be this close to someone and not know.

(Okay, guys - enough of the inside speak!)

NoMas said...

Play nicely while I'm away this evening.