Wednesday, May 16, 2007

On-Line Personals: Part 2 - Looking for

Everyone is looking for something. The following are a few interpretations of what these on-line folks are REALLY searching for.

Looking for Friends: I want to meet alot of sex partners without any strings attached.

Looking for Straightforward person: I want to screw you in the missonary position.

Looking for someone to hang out: I want to hang my thang out.

Looking for Fun: We can screw and I will have alot of fun doing it.

Looking for Laidback person: I want you to lay back and let me lay you.

I'd love to help you on the farm: Can I come over to your place to screw? That way you won't know where I live and I can stalk you.


Hammer said...

How true, what a sad mess.

My cousin did find marriage online. He's an ok guy you never know what your going to get.

tkkerouac said...

Should I get back online? What do you think of my last post, nice to hear from you again, I haven't been surfing lately.

Dick said...

Where did you find my ad?

NoMas said...

Hammer: roll them dice!

TK: give the boy a break

Dick: at - ha ha, busted.

Tisha! said...

chahahaha cracked me up!

thanks for all the encouragement darling, I so appreciate it! mouah

I'd love to help you on the farm LMAO

Anonymous said...

Male cyclist, looking for female training partner. I'll lead the climb on the steep hills, if you'll let me draft on the way down.

NoMas said...

Tisha: ur welcome. I appreciate your encouragement as well

Annon: Oh. Plleeze show yourself... I'm dating ya know!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Can't a guy have a little fun without showing his face all over town?