Tuesday, March 13, 2007

We Had a Flood

Pictures outside my back door!

On another note: I am watching Chris Hansen on Dateline NBC (ya know the predator episodes) and this particular show is about the 10 most-notable stings. Laughing aloud at this. NOT because the subject and actions of the blankety-blank-blank-blanks doesn't appall me but because the LOOK on their faces when they are BUSTED! (Especially the ones that undress before Chris confronts them ya gotta laugh at the shock on Chris' face, too when he comes out and sees a pervert in all his tiny manhood). Priceless.

Damn, I wish I was there to beat the living daylights out of the worthless pieces of crap: the firefighter, the doctor, the teacher, the rabbi, the cocksucker.... I wonder, are there women that do this crap? Should Dateline address that? Do they? Oh, they just said they have done 10 investigations and have never busted a woman. One time in Georgia a woman was going to bring her boyfriend with her to meet an underage girl - only the man showed. Everyone in unison: GO NBC AND CHRIS HANSEN - heroes!

There have been numerous spoofs about Chris Hansen. I will not take issue with that despite the attempted and/or successful humor because society as a whole is being informed - get out the message as long as no one is harmed. (I know - it can be a catch 22 with emotional issues but overall I think the messages help.)


Hammer said...

One of them was caught twice at the same house and same sting.

Still can't figure that one out.

Demon23... said...

I am all for the show... men of such nature do not need to die, they just need to display the organ of manhood on a log and then some one needs to administer a "slight sting" from the sledgehammer. Problem solved.

Dick said...

You didn't see my face there, did ya?
As`far as the chicks go, we need to look no further than the classroom and the teachers of late.

Loving Annie said...

Good Wednesday morning, NoMas. That was quite a picture of the flood outside your back door ! What a beautiful piece of property you have. I'd love to see greenery/trees, etc. -- and no neighbors !
Didn't see the Dateline episode. Should probably start watching to become better informed on what is going on in the world.
Hope all is well with you -

Shawn C. said...

Seeing a show like this makes me really feel for you people with kids. There are some sick and twisted individuals out there. Thankfully I won't have to worry too much about this for a while yet because my family life is only in it's planning stages!

kittenpower said...

I like that show.
Chris Hansen is a bad-ass!

I was watching one a couple of weeks ago and this man in at least his 60s brought a 13 year old a bag of m & m's per her request. It was SICK. Candy, children, and sex. Nasty stuff.

NoMas said...

Hammer: The guy that was caught twice went to the house to meet a boy, first. He was arrested and evidently let out right away. The next day he was at McDonalds to meet another boy.

Demon: Unfortunately, pounding their meat won't help cause it's a mental defect. One of these guys wanted a girl to do something to her cat while he watched.

Dick: I would guess that if you were there, you'd be the one kicking ass and takin names!?

Anne: thanks. It is nice not having neighbors on top of me but sometimes it would be nice to have a neighbor. I miss just leaning over the fence and saying, "come over for a cocktail."

Shawn: There is no way in hell that I would bring a kid into this world - it is way too messed up.

Kitten: Chris does rock! I don't know how he keeps a straight face sometimes - I'd either be laughing or kicking butt.

Slick said...

I love them shows.

Hang'em all....glad someone is actually doing something to get them off the streets and away from the kids.