Friday, March 09, 2007

Ten Things I Did As A Kid

Hammer invited participants to answer Ten Things I Did As A Kid meme. So, here goes.

Between ages 1 - 6

When I was a kid: I wrote my name on every book I owned and carved my name with a knife into an antique dresser.

When I was a kid: I used to walk to elementary school which wasn't far away. One day, on the walk home, the next door neighbor boy kept coming up behind me and putting his hands over my eyes. He did this three times (which is still my limit). I was trying to put my hands over his eyes, he was struggling and I clawed his eye lids pretty badly.

When I was a kid: A teacher wanted to paddle me for saying my ABCs in first grade. She had left the room and told us not to talk while she was gone. After awhile, I started singing the ABC's. Only one other boy joined me. He was paddled with a board and I refused to let her paddle me for saying my ABC's. Even at a young age, I knew I hadn't done anything wrong. Hmm, I wonder where that bitch is now.

When I was a kid: My mother sent me into the house to get scissors so that she could cut roses. I didn't want to do it and probably got a spat on the leg. I went inside, got the scissors and cut my long blonde hair. The next day was pictures at the preschool and I have a funky little short haircut!

When I was a kid: I climbed "like a monkey" (as my parents say). I started walking at 9 months and climbing everything soonafter. Pulling the oven door down and climbing upon it, I could hoist myself upon the kitchen cabinet. Once I got the Draino and rubbed it on the dog and myself.

When I was a kid: Climbing to get into the medicine cabinet, I retrieved the E-lax and gave it to the little boy who was visiting with his parents.

When I was a kid: At just over a year old, I climbed the backyard cyclone fence and ran away. Mother had just stepped inside to grab the telephone and I took off. A neighbor about a block away found me.

When I was a kid: I broke a glass coke bottle over my ankle. My first stitches.

Ages 7 and up

When I was a kid: Mother had me participate in practically every sort of activity possible. Gymnastics, piano lessons, art classes, twirling, dance lessons, etc.

When I was a kid: I wagged my youngest little brother (6 years younger) around as if he were my live baby doll. I also gave him his first and only whipping.

Whew, I almost couldn't stop! I'm sure Mother will have some additions....


The Freelance Cynic said...

Sounds like you'd be useful person to have round in an emergency...

Hammer said...

I don't feel so bad about my girl's antics now. ;)

NoMas said...

Cynic: thanks for the visit. I am good in an emergency since i hurt myself so often!

Hammer: Told ya I was a bad little girl. BUT, I turned out good!

The Freelance Cynic said...

Lol, Great. Next time the world is ending I'll call you. You're be able to skin your knee or something, and once again the day is saved!

L>T said...

Jeeminy Christmas! You were a little heathen.
I bet you were cute, though.

Loving Annie said...

NoMas, yowsa, girl ! You were one fiesty little kid. Hmmmm. has anything changed ???
Hope you have a good weekend.
Did you go to the doctor yet ?

BBC said...

"When I was a kid: I wrote my name on every book I owned."

I don't recall owning any books as a kid.

I got into the Ex-lax once, ate it all myself but don't recall it doing anything to me.

Got my arm in a washing machine wringer when I was about five, still have the scar to prove it.

Would get some poop on a stick and tease my sisters with it. LOL

NoMas said...

Tart: Heathen and tough as nails. AS first time parents at 19 and 20 yeas of age, I'm sure my parents were freaked ou that a little girl could b e such a handful.

Anne: No doctor visit yet.

BBC: An entie box of ELax with no repercussions. Shit on a stick!? Yikes.

tkkerouac said...

Great post, cute kid, brings back memories, did you get your blogger photos working yet? Im so curious.