Monday, March 12, 2007

Black Memorabilia

I have collected black memorabilia for a number of years now. No, I am not racist; I just find alot of these things interesting and/or cute. Mom in Minx asked to see some of my collection, so here are a few pieces of my large collection. (Some of these pictures arent' very clear, alas.) Stay tuned for Texas Tuesday when I will display another favorite. I have a large book collection ranging from fictional (Miss Minerva and William Green Hill ) to non-fiction (Negro Legislators of Texas).

This last picture is the back cover of a 1893 Judge magazine. The caption below the picture reads:

"Kin any one tall a po' culled man what to do in a case like dis?"


Hammer said...

Neat stuff. I think the last one is funny, but I've never been accused of being politically correct.

tkkerouac said...

A nice collection, I have one of the old "little black sambo" books, I was a favourite story from childhood, reminds me of pancakes for some reason
I also have a black antique baby doll which I love

NoMas said...

T: Ooh, Little Black Sambo.... You should check out the Miss Minerva book - lots of dialect and funny too.

Hammer: Well, we could make the last picture funny many ways. A redneck holding a couple of BudLights with a steak on the grill. A Mexican with a beer and a shot of tequila with cabrito on the grill; a Yuppie with a couple of martinis and a plate of brie in front of them.....