Friday, March 30, 2007

Oh, Boy, It Never Ends

Okay guys, I'm back with a tin can and string. Since my satellite is still intermittently working, I am forced to utilize dial up. My only telephone jack is in the kitchen so I am rigged up at the kitchen counter. Fun oh fun. Plus it is flooding out here again which means the low water crossings have me trapped.

I have attempted to call hubby numerous times this week. He doesn't answer my calls. It is hard enough being separated but this action is hurtful as you may well imagine. I feel abandoned out here in the sticks and mighty depressed.

Yesterday was full of mayhem but thankfully everything turned out alright. First my Bengal cat, Mo, had an abscess on his side (unsure what happened) that was going to require surgery. Once we arrived at the vet office, it was determined that somehow during the night the area in question had burst and drained itself. Yuck. BUT, Mo did not require surgery just antibiotics.

Upon returning home, Tux bunny was not in his pen outside. The little dickens must have climbed the fence. Much ado 15 minutes later, I locate him stretched out in the back pasture enjoying his new found freedom. (See my big dog doesn't kill everything - unlike the black buck incident - guess he learned from his previous 2 days of time out.)

So Tux would not come to me and I was walking all over the place cutting through the barbed wire trying to be careful to not pull another leg injury! Finally, he ran out of breath and I was able to pick him up. Covered in mud, I brought him inside for a bath. Much thankfulness later, it dawned on me that I had avoided a huge vet bill and the loss of a bunny.


Hammer said...

Raining buckets here too. Sorry about the bad stuff going on. I'm glad to hear the bunny is ok.

Wishing you the best,

Slick said...

Dial up?? You poor poor soul. I have never lloked at porn the same since my DSL has been hooked up.

Hopefully yours will get back to proper working order soon.

Put on the waders and grab an careful NoMas!

Loving Annie said...

I wondered why you hadn't been by to visit !
Dial-up sucks ! You poor thing !

(Do you like the rain ? I love it, but only when I'm inisde all warm and dry and nothing is leaking !)

And then for hubby not to be taking your calls. OUCH. *sniff*
I'd be depressed, too. How come things don't turn out the way we hope hey will ? it hurts to be estranged when you still love someone...

Glad Mo's abscess did not require surgery, and even though yucky, drained on its own without further infection.

Scary with that naughty little Tux Bunny making a run for it. Glad you got him -- and your other leg -- back home safe and sound.

Cyber-hugs. I wish the best for you, Nomas. This has been a hard year for you --

BBC said...

Ah, cry me a river, all I have ever had is dial up. Life isn't always nice, I deal with it because I know that I have it so much better than many others.

Flooding doesn't sound like fun though. I live in a unique place, protected from almost anything other than maybe a powerful earthquake.

Even then, because of my good position it isn't likely that it would harm me much.

Wouldn't have a hospital though, being as the idiots built it on a bluff.

Anyway, hope you are in better spirits now. Do like true mariners do, drink until you don't give a shit anymore. LOL

NoMas said...

Thanks guys. My apologies for not stopping by your blogs to comment. Some of you have so many graphics, that my dial up doesn't like it. Then I am also experiencing time outs every time I try to leave a comment. It took me about 15 tries to leave Hammer a comment yesterday. Sorry i don't have the patience for that time out crap. So forgive little ole me for being MIA!

Loving Annie said...

Understood... Is the flooding down enough for you to be able to leave yet ?

BBC said...

I'm having trouble with Hammer's site also. I try to keep my site simple other than a few graphics.

But I want to reach the whole world, not show how fancy I can be with internet coolness.

Hammer said...

I fixed the video that was causing the hangups. Thanks for letting me know.