Friday, March 23, 2007

The Gay Times

In college, I sometimes hung out with a girl from my high school. Imagine my surprise running into her on campus after not having seen her for a few years. A. lived with her boyfriend Chris. Chris was a spoiled little rich kid that had been adopted by a Dallas physician and his wife. Having never worked a day in his life, it wasn't beyond him to degrade people in the service industries. Many times he told managers how they were lowly nothings.

Chris rarely left the apartment, spending most of his time dubbing music to videos such as the Beatles, Rolling Stones, etc. clips to Robert Tilton. (Click on name to view hilarious video.) LOL

A couple of girls would usually be over at the apartment practically every time I visited. One of these girls studied anthropology and we shared a common interest in history, going antiquing, and visiting cemeteries.

One evening a group of us got together for a cookout. Upon discovering that we were missing a needed ingredient, I offered to go to the store. Another gal, that I just met that night volunteered to go with me. We are almost at the store when this gal says," I am attracted to you." WTF. I nearly wreaked the car.

Seeing that I was very shaken up, she informed me that she was bisexual and that the two girls that hung out with Chris were lesbians, stating, "You didn't know?"

Hell no, I didn't know. It never even dawned on me to think about people's sexual preferences.

After realizing that I wasn't that way and after I overcame being freaked out, M.L. and I became good friends - NOT in THAT way. Just friends.

She was a mentor to me: a former military officer, divorced, highly educated and was not the least bit "butch." We became the best of friends and spent numerous hours discussing philosophical issues and life. Never before and never since have I had a friend that I totally trusted and could always depend upon.

After college and meeting my future husband, M.L. and I just sort of drifted apart. I moved and we let time lapse. I have not spoken to her in 15 years.

The other day I was thinking about her and how much I miss having a such a good friend. I sincerely hope wherever she is that happiness abounds in her life.


Hammer said...

It's good that you became friends after that initial shock.

It's weird how we sometimes drift away from best friends like that.

NoMas said...

Yeah, it seems we stay "friends" much longer with folks we should eliminate from our lives; yet, we allow ourselves to fade away from ones we should probably keep in our lives.

Shawn C. said...

I have friends that have "outed" themselves to me before too. I kind of had a feeling that they were gay, but never judged them because of it. In fact Christine and I have many gay and bi friends both male and female. Nothing goes on between us and them because we aren't into that sort of thing, but we are still friends, still attend the same parties and still hang out with each other on a fairly regular basis.

Loving Annie said...

Happy Friday NoMas ! Maybe you could go to 'people finder' and locate her again ! Friends like her are valuable to have...

Lanie Magpie said...

I hear what you are saying about staying connected with the ones that we shouldn't and letting go the ones that are worth keeping. It seems that people often do that in romantic relationships too. Yes, I'm a guilty party.