Saturday, January 06, 2007

Hammer Hit A Nail

If you haven’t seen Hammer’s post today, check it. He’s ranting about all the crap most of us cannot stand to see. Well, Hammer stirred the shit and the kids on the playground forgot how to play nicely! You go boy!

If I may add a few more things to dislike :

Earrings coming out of every orifice. Get your ass out of my food and where is the manager, who would hire some nasty looking person with a tongue-studded lisp and shit coming out of their lip and nose.

Rampant tattoos. A couple of tasteful pieces of body art are acceptable but tattoos of horns on your forehead and vibrant tacky "art" across your neck looks stupid.

The soul patch is also known as a tuft, stinger, Attilio, royale, scruff, impériale, fanny tickler, blues beard, love tuft, blues dab, bebop, liptee, clit tickler, cookie duster, womb-broom, zif, taint-brush, pussy mop, cadillac, mouche (French for fly), meat scratcher, mosca (Spanish for fly, crab-catcher, soup catcher, flavor stripe or flavor-saver. I just call it a BALL TICKLER.

Lucky for us more conservative types, these young punks, looking like crap, make us older folks look great! And, hey, I hope I die before these fools get to middle age because I do not want to see any of these things on an old wrinkled ass.


Hammer said...

Dang you got some good ones there. Blechhh! I just has dinner too.

These people are freaking idiots.

I never knew what those tufty things were called.

Skittles said...


L>T said...

I agree with you. The one thing about peircings is that if you take them out. The holes close up so it's not permanent anyway. the tattoo thing has really gotten out of hand. I have a feeling some of those kids are going to be sorry down the road.

Anne said...

Yikes ! They look scary ! Us clean-cut people can't relate to that - to me putting on mascara and lipstick is about as far as I usually go !
Have a good Sunday, NoMas !

Anne said...

p.s. NoMas,
the comment you left on my blog last week about your favorite room FINALLY showed up in my 'moderate comments' area. I read it, checked the 'publish' box-- and then it disappeared again !!! Auggggh !!! Too weird !
Happenned with 2 other people too this last week. Has this ever happenned to you/do you know how to fix it ?
I'm in the new blogger...

Quinten Wolfe said...

Add to this, the fact that young girls, ages 12 to 16 want to wear THONGS!


They don't like the 'lines' their panties make.. so wear something that isnt so freaking TIGHT that guys can see your privates!!

Jesus christ! (I apologize lord, from the bottom of my heart)

But MAN!.. I think the only avenue left for parents that have young girls that want to wear that stuff, is to show them an explicit sex video and say "LOOK AT WHAT SHE IS WEARING BEFORE THAT HAPPENED!!! - - A THONG!"..

That won't get you any skill points in parenting.. but at least they will get the idea that YOU know what they are thinking, and most girls have NO CLUE as to what it means to wear a thong.. they just see their IDOLS wearing them, so they think its cool..

I think i'll go vomit now...

Hammer said...

There is a british catalog /dept store that was taking fire a few years back for advertising thongs for 9 year olds.

What the hell is up with sexualizing children these days?

Jake said...

I like all these comments but do not have the stomach to dwell on the lameness of it all.

Maybe someone could talk this group into starting a new fad like removing their seat belts and cutting the brake lines.

This ghost riding fad is a good way to start.

Over active glands and no imagination

Anonymous said...

I think you are all to pussy to get it yourself so you have to talk shit!