Saturday, January 06, 2007

Don't Forget Grills

“If you thought you knew what bling was before, wait til you see the GRILLZ that just hit the site. More gangster than any accessory on the market, GRILLZ are more than just gold teeth, they help all your homies know that you are the ultimate pimp. All the ladies want to see your grill!”

“They are hotter than the finest girl you have ever seen. HOW CAN YOU PASS THAT UP?”

“Now if you want to enter a new level, a level that only few pimps can reach, you gotta go bling from teeth to ring. IOG can help pimp you out, match your grill to your pimp cup and your pimp cup to your belt and your belt to your spinner watch. All of the craziest, hottest, most blinged out accessories on the market, and they are all here.”


Hammer said...

LMAO that is the perfect pay per post. I had to do a double take!

NoMas said...

He he - ham, this wasn't a PPP - although I SHOULD get paid for the reference. It is actually another thhing I hate seeing!