Thursday, December 07, 2006

Something Fun

M&M's has released bold new colors !

I haven't bought candy in forever although the widening of my behind might suggest otherwise (it's just AGE - I can't be a size 3 forever).

Imagine my delight when I checked out M&M's website and discovered that M&M's come in packages of pink and can even be monogrammed. Too cool.

Of course, I should have realized that candy, just like everything else in this day and age, would go overboard with choices. Plain ole chocolate was just fine with me. Remember in school the "eat green ones will make you horney"? (Like we knew what that meant).

"Melt in your mouth, not in your hand" slogan is kinda scary. What do they coat them with to prevent melting???

Well, I liked to place a bag of M&M's on a heating pad to get the chocolate melted inside - that was always the best. Y'all should try it.

So I think I'll go candy shopping today!


Jake said...

Oh no, NoMas,I think you are right on target with your graphics and I am not sharp enough to be sarcastic although folks often take me wrong and mistake me for being nothing more than a clumsy hardware store clerk

Now,I will have to go and do some blogging about tin snips

BTW,you can link to my blog anytime and thank you for the offer

Hammer said...

I went to the m&m store in Vegas and they had 12 foot high self serve chutes of M&Ms in about 20 different colors you could mix and match.

They all taste the same I know,but I remember as a kid preferring the green ones. I never knew that ws supposed to make me horny.