Wednesday, December 06, 2006

That "N" Word

Why are people in such an uproar about comedians using the "n" word? Is is because they are white?

Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock are applauded for ranting the "n" word throughout their monologues. Then there are the rappers who use it constantly in their songs.

While I don't condone the use of this word, I don't think it is any more offensive than some other words. Afterall, this word officially means shiftless and lazy. Intonation and context is the key to a word being offensive. Richard's remarks were meant to be offensive, but come on, Andy Dick is just a dick (and THAT word can be good or bad).


Jake said...

You know I am going to have to rethink my use of graphics.

Your Blog looks great and does a fantastic job without using art as a crutch.

NoMas said...

Well, thank you. Are you being sarcastic? Since I'm such a simpleton in using graphics guess my rambling thoughts and pix of cattle, chickens, cats, etc. will attempt to compensate! BTW - your graphics are just fine.

Hammer said...

My Mexican Grandfather told me that the word "nigger" can be used to describe any dirty lazy ill mannered person.

When a college professor used the word niggardly (which means cheap and stingy) in a speech a few years back. He was fired even though the word has nothing to do with blacks.

what is the world coming to?

Skittles said...

What bothered me more about this whole thing was the ANGER he showed.