Sunday, December 17, 2006

Online Deals

A partial list of online deal-hunting communities:

(I have not checked out all of these yet but Boddit has an extensive list of freebies and free samples of stuff like Bluetooths and Swiffer Dusters, etc.)

FatWallet ( — An exhaustive site featuring forums for discussing deals and store ratings. — Frequently updated deals, online coupons and price searches.

Anandtech Hot Deals ( — The 'Hot Deals' section of this forum is made up of reader-generated posts about deals for electronics and software.

DealOne ( — A daily list of deals with forums and a store. — Coupons, newsletters and deals on Dell, HP and iPods.

Judy's Book ( — User-generated reviews and deals posted by members, including local businesses.

Boddit ( — Collects information from many of the major deal-hunting sites onto one frequently updated page.


Hammer said...

Thanks for the links, I always like finding good deals.

Skittles said...

Walmart will send free samples :)

NoMas said...

Skittles: Really, I didn't know that about Wally World.

Hammer: u r welcome. I was unaware sites like this exsisted but I have gone to sites like Downey's and ordered fabric softener samples. I'm always up for good free stuff!