Sunday, December 17, 2006

Do I Need to Post about Idiots?

Well, sure I do!!!

I had this comment from Aaron posted to my blog today:

"It seems good to Aaron that you moved away from the city of lights and weak men to become the woman who feed the animals and is there to make love to her strong husband. It is good to hear of a woman who knows her place as the aid to her strong husband who is the ruler of farm land. Most woman want the husband to be weak and take care of the children and wash the soapy dishes, you seem to need the award for knowing your place as a good woman. "

My response:

You Sweetheart are a frigging idiot and I deleted your fertilizer. Who refers to themself in the third person like that?

First, I bought this farm with MY money. Second, I run this place while my husband works in big "city of lights." Third, I do not have any freaking kids and hope for society's sake you don't either. Fourth you are correct, I do deserve an award.

But, hey, thanks for dropping some manure in my garden and providing me a much needed laugh, now move it along. Point taken.


Hammer said...

I read that guys comment this morning and thought it might be an inside joke. You handled it quite well.

Skittles said...

Well done!!!!

NoMas said...

Hammer - Yeah he commented before you. At first I thought he was joking around, too. Then I looked at his blog and it is filled with that sort of garbage. I couldn't get him off of here fast enough!

Wolfbernz said...

Yes well said!


From one farm girl tuff to the other...First I dare say he'd not make it here for a second and his only use might be at testing the 18.6 hotwire ...Do you think he might pee on it for us?

Dick said...

Everybody knows that farmgirls are hot.

Dick said...

Everybody knows that farmgirls are hot.
Have fun with the tards, I do.