Thursday, October 05, 2006

My Baby Ceri

My little "love muffin" is 16 weeks old now! Ceri means "love" in Celtic language and she has this habit of jumping to my neck (almost acceptable at 1.5 lbs) and slobbering/neck nursing and painfully kneading me "makin' muffins" until I can no longer stand the nails. My JL adopted her from a shelter where she was kept isolated for weeks due to ringworm being treated, thus my belief she wants nurturing as she was abandoned in numeous ways. She and Jace (see my first entry) are the only inside cats since she is a baby and Jace has an eye injury that must be medicated every other hour. So, NO, I don't have all 7 cats in the house! Yikes!
UPDATE ON JL: Despite not having any physical symptoms from the automobile accident yesterday (his airbag didn't even employ), he had trouble breathing last night and his back is hurting today. I suspect he may have sustained some trauma but we will not know until his visit with a doctor tomorrow.

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