Wednesday, October 04, 2006

All Time Something

Husband's car was totaled at 6:45 am today. On his way to class for work, some idiot rear-ended him and shoved him into another car while entering the freeway! So far he says he is in no pain; however, tomorrow may bring another story. So by 8 am, he had been in a wreck, had dealt with insurance company and police, had the dealership tow his car, and had rented a car to FINALLY get to work class. Do you think I should ask him to pick up dinner on his way home??
BTW Jace's eye looks much better than before but it is far from healed.
Must add the icing, if you will, to my husband's morning adventure: the wreck occurred near a daycare and he was left sitting/waiting for a ride (while sweating - and I might say he was looking pretty sexy cute this AM when he left home) on the curb outside the fence line while the toddlers carried on outside!!! Yeah, he was fit to be tied.... Glad I wasn't there, as I'm sure you all are.

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