Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Blogging Irritants

Chris over at Blog Ops has posted the top 10 BLOGGING IRRITANTS. I must agree with him - my top irritant is the word verification (can hardly read that stuff and end up trying to comment a couple of times). Enjoy his post!

And what are your blogging irritants?


Loving Annie said...

Spam and trolls... I didn't know comment moderation eliminated spam ! I'll go do that, and then there is no need for word verificiation - yeayyyy !

Shawn C. said...

I don't like having word verification turned on, but some days I was getting 6 or 7 spam comments on a single post. Since then it is always on.

L>T said...

thanks for the link. That was a good list. I agreed with all of it.

I would also add, long wordy posts with out pictures or any else.

People who don't answer comments drive me crazy!!!

NoMas said...

Annie: great!

Shawn: how about enabling the comment moderation instead?

Tart: I hate those extra long posts! And how about the posts that do not make any sense!?

BBC said...

I went to no anonymous comments, that gets rid of most spam without extra work on my part. I don't have time to monitor and approve comments

Shawn C. said...

I would go for the comment moderation if I was home more often. When I head out of here on Friday afternoons I don't usually see the internet again until some time late Monday morning. Since I am barely on Friday that would mean sometimes it would take up to 3 full days to approve comments. I just don't like that kind of turn around time. I believe in instant gratification even if it does mean that people have to type in a completely nonsense word!

Chris said...

Hi all, and thanks for the link nomas :-)

I have some sympathy for you blogger users as Shawn's reasons for using the WV are quite valid-it's a shame you don't have a decent anti-spam system.

Regards 'No anonymous comments' what this actually means is 'no comments from non-blogger users' - seriously: If you have this on, I can't comment on your blogs.

Come to Wordpress...... ;-)