Wednesday, March 21, 2007

One Kind Act Wednesday

Loving Annie This was a kind act toward me:

Late last Friday night I decided to go grocery shopping at the new HEB aboout 35 miles away. (It is one of those overwhelming places that is part Central Market and even sells furniture.) As I was trying to drag a huge bag of cat food onto the bottom rack of my cart, a young man (about 12 years of age) ran up to me asking to help. How sweet and it wasn't as if he was standing near me as he was on the horizontal aisle. I thanked him, told him what a gentleman he was and assured his mother that she was doing a great job raising him to be a very nice young man.


Hammer said...

That is great to hear. Every once in a while we get thrown a bone :)

NoMas said...

Hammer: the world would be totally screwed if it weren't for good parents like you and I never hesitate to tell someone that their kid is well-behaved - cause damn, it is so rare!

Loving Annie said...

Awww, that was indeed a kind one ! I'm so glad you are doing these on Wednesdays, NoMas -- you doing it or it being done to you perks me up to read about it !
The results of good parenting put into action like that is a wonderful thing to see.
Happy Wednesday to you, NoMas !

BBC said...

I'm always being asked if I want help with something. Well, I do live in a small town.

I always turn it down, doing for myself keeps me in shape and I'm not in bad shape for 63.

I just say "No thanks, I'm beyond help."

It's always good for a laugh.

NoMas said...

BBC: "Beyond help" - that IS funny.