Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Texas Tuesday: Dixie or Yankee?

Yankee Test (Test is based on research by the Harvard Computer Society enhanced by Dr. Beard's own research at alphaDictionary. )

This is interesting! I would love to know what your score indicates.

My Results:

"96% Dixie. Is General Lee your grandfather?!"


Loving Annie said...

41% yankee - barely in Yankeedom !

Hi again NoMas,
I learned the hard way with commenting, because I have problems too sometimes.

After I write a comment -- nd before I try to publish it -- I highlight my comment and copy it...

Then if it gets lost, I can just paste it in and the whole thing is there...

GRRRR, otherwise !

Did you try the right click and open window thing if it won't take it at first ?

Thank you for continually trying !

NoMas said...

41% - neat. Too bad we cannot hear each other speak!!! he he. We would probably crack each other up.
I know, I usually do copy my comment before trying to post but failed to do so this morning. (I was still having my coffee and not quite with it!) The right click is a great tip - thanks. I am still having on and off internet problems, although it seems to be working this morning. At least the provider company is very amicable to working with me.

Hammer said...

63% Dixie.Well under the Mason-Dixon Line

I'm from the midwest which has a whole other language. Luckily my parents were pretty eloquent so I don't talk as funny as my relatives.

NoMas said...

Ha ha! Thanks for playing Hammer. You're up there on the Dixie scale, however. My parents have Texas accents. They even crack me up! My dad answers the telephone "HiLow." While they are not dumb by any stretch - the language is definitely different. Even today, I love the lingo of various writers and the diction of an old southerner. Guess I'm just an educated hick-talker! (Grin)