Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Texas Tuesday: Cowboy Clifford

[Hey guys - sorry about the MIA status. My satillite connection has been in and out since Thursday and is totally out now. Despite the fact that Prism.net is crediting me $52.00 for the month, it doesn't seem as if they are in a hurry to get me back up. I am borrowing a dial up connection tonight that is the pits, but guess something is better than nothing. Anyhow, it takes forever, when it works to even open a site. Therefore, my lack of posting and commenting. I WILL be back. Thanks for your comments - I'm barely here!]

The cowboy lay sprawled across three entire seats in the posh Wichita Falls' Texas theatre. When the usher came by and noticed this he whispered to the cowboy, "Sorry, sir, but you're only allowed one seat."
The cowboy groaned but didn't budge.
The usher became more impatient. "Sir, if you don't get up from there, I'm going to have to call the manager.
The cowboy just groaned.
The usher marched briskly back up the aisle. In a moment he returned with the manager. Together the two of them tried repeatedly to move the cowboy, but with no success. Finally, they summoned the police.
The cop surveyed the situation briefly then asked, "All right buddy, what's you're name?"
"Clifford," the cowboy moaned.
"Where ya from, Clifford?"
With pain in his voice Clifford replied.... "The balcony."


NoMas said...

Sarge Charlie: I tried to visit you via way of this dial up connection but you have way too much stuff on your page for it to open. So "Howdy" from here.

Hammer said...

good joke :)

Hope all gets fixed soon!

L>T said...

gosh, I was coming here to apologize for not getting around much lately. :) dial-up can be a bitch...I was supposed to not blog while on vacation. But, I have this lovely computer in my room here....I can't stay away from it. *sigh*

Loving Annie said...

Hi Nomas ! Poor cowboy. How exactly DID he fall over ???