Friday, January 05, 2007

You're Seeking What?

(This was actually posted yesterday, but I realized the links to Rob were not working - they are working now - so check this out.)

Guess I'm promoting other folk's posts today.

Seriously, no I mean seriously - you must head over to Rob's to read WELL, YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO MAKE YOURSELF "STAND OUT," RIGHT? and ANOTHER ON-LINE AD.

The man was a nut and I mean that in an endearing southern way. Thank you to his friend
Stevie who keeps his blog alive.


Anne said...

How are you doing this morning ?
Your comment posted this morning, was that the only recent one ???
Maybe it is working okay now, not sure what was wrong...
Please stay in touch. Hoping you are feeling better.

NoMas said...

Anne: I'm fine, thank you!
Yes, my "test" was from this morning, but I had commented yesterday about my favorite room in the house - comfy bedroom. Seems you didn't receive that comment!? I was wondering about that because that is the second time it has happened. Maybe I mis-type the word verification thingy. Hell, I can hardly read them most of the time - duh huh!

Anne said...

Hi NoMas,
Yeah, the word verification thing throws me too. Sometimes I have to do it two or three times before it "takes". It seems like they ought to make the spaces separate enough between the letters so that the word is easily legible !

Added you to my blogroll. Actually, just started a blogroll !

Glad you are feeling better. But please still take it easy for a few days. Your body might need some major nurturing, as well as your soul, especially when life is stressful...

Would you be willing to post again about your room ? I love reading what everyone says., It lets me get to know them a little.

I will respond to everyone's comments on my blog at the end of the comments, so if you write something, I'll always try to 'write' back so you know I've seen it --

Bye for now. Going to go get the oil in the car changed...

Hammer said...

I used to read rob all the time.
It really pissed me off when thousands pulled him off the blogrolls for his racism rant.

I sure am missing his blog.