Monday, January 08, 2007

Surge Protectors: Learn From My Experience!

Important Info: Last year I had a surge protector blow out. The entire house smelled of burnt plastic. I called in an electrician for a small fortune, only to discover that it was one surge protector for the living room television and stereo that had given (BLOWN) out. Black soot on the walls in every room that had a surge protector blown out. It caused other outlets to cease working and I thought the entire place was gonna go up in smoke - nasty smell and only certain lights would work. I called PEC (state electric co) and, after checking my thingy magigs on the property, told me that they did not have an electrical surge within their system - it was the surge protector. (I still think they are to blame since I have never had this problem anywhere else that I have lived.) No, I do not have a million things plugged into the protector.
Tonight I just had another one go out in the bedroom - black smoke, plastic smell.... Anyway, learn from my experience, these surge protectors do fail and will cause you a freak out! It is only the surge protector. If you're like me, you have one for every piece of electrical equipment in your home, except the fridge, dishwasher, washer and dryer. All TVs, computers, stereos should be on a surge protector. While those protectors will fail, they protect your equipment. Otherwise, lightening or electric company surge will blow your equipment to trash. The surge protector will be trash, but your equipment will be fine. $20 is better than $1000.00 spent on replacing equipment.


Hammer said...

ISOBAR is the way to go. They are made tough as nails. Sounds like the ones you are using could catch your house on fire.


NoMas said...

Thanks Hammer. I still believe the electric company out here is to blame. I have never had this sort of problem with surge protectors, until now.

Hammer said...

Yep surges just don't happen like that, unless it's lightning.