Saturday, January 27, 2007

Finally Someone Stands Up to Brats

Practically everywhere I go there are small terrors causing havoc. Parents allowing kids to run through restaurants, grocery stores, you name it. Kids throwing themselves on the floor while the parents ignore them. Too many times I have become angry at management for not handling the situation. Hell, if someone lit a cigarette in public and disturbed others, something would be said, but a kid can scream bloody murder for 15 minutes and we are supposed to tolerate it. WTF.

On the other hand there are the parents attempting to reason with a child. "Come on Johnny all of these people are looking at you." Don't you want to get an ice cream later." No discipline whatsoever. I would have never pulled such a stunt as a youngster because I knew I would get beat within an inch of my life for acting up. What happened to the days of getting "The Look" and knowing you had better straighten up.

So I was elated to hear the news that an airline refused to tolerate parents' acting ignorant and expecting everyone to bow to their wants and needs.



Hammer said...

I don't normally say this but I am 100% in support of that airline.

When my kids throw fits, no bluff they get drug out by their ear and I'll leave a cart full of groceries behind. Zero tolerance for that kind of crap is the only way to go.

L>T said...

amen! I agree & I've had 3 kids. I did not tolerate that kind of stuff. My kids knew the importance of socially acceptable behavior.

The key...Don't let them get away with it the first time.

great post Nomas!

BBC said...

Sigh... I want the barn in the profile picture.

I made my kids be good. It just takes the proper training from the beginning.

And we didn't spank them to do it, maybe slap a hand once in a while if they reached for something. And they were never noisy, maybe we were just lucky.

Yup, I think I will steal that barn, what is the address?

NoMas said...

Hammer: Good for you.

Tart: Correct. Once a kid gets away with something once, you'll never regain control.

BBC: I know, I love the barn. Alas it isn't mine. I have a huge green metal Morgan building. You were lucky to have well-behaved kids.

Does annyone remember the Church Pinch????

TMK said...

I was raised like you! "the look" still holds the same meaning at our house. Sometimes it comes from their nana brandon too!

NoMas said...

T: yep! I know Aunt N can give The Look just as well as Mom! I also know you are familiar with the Church Pinch. oooowwww - but you'd better not say "ow."

A "Mother of Two" said...

Could not agree more!