Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Texas Tuesday: Spicewood Vineyards

Some places just feel like home. Spicewood Vineyards tucked between Austin and Marble Falls, Texas is such a wonderful little jewel.

The proprietors, Ed and Madeleine Manigold (and their Jack Russell terriers) immediately make everyone feel at ease with their personable hospitality. The cedar and stone facility is beautiful, as well.

Every month they hold numerous events. My personal favorites involve food pairings, but a lazy Sunday drive through the Hill Country with a stop for wine almost as enjoyable. A don't miss is the harvesting event held each summer.

After harvesting, the grapes deemed not up to par for wine-making must be removed from the vines. (These are bunches that have a few undeveloped grapes on them). It has been a few years since I participated; however, the time we went with another couple, Madeleine let us clip grapes and then she crushed them in a giant grape juicer. Being the only ones there that early Saturday morning, we left with two huge ice chests filled with juice. We then spent the weekend in my kitchen making 12 cases of the best ever jelly. I have one jar remaining as I relay this info.

While the Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot Nouveau (a good "table-like" wine) are among my favorites that they produce, the white varietals are equally good, having won many awards.

There are numerous other wineries in the area but this is my favorite just because it feels like home to me. So meander out to the Hill Country and visit our fabulous Texas wineries. I believe that some states can even receive shipments nowadays.

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