Saturday, December 30, 2006

Return of the Black Buck

Remember THIS from Christmas Day?

Well, I saw him a couple of days afterward on nearby property, but today he ran past me as my big dog, B.O.B. (Big Ole Boy) was chasing him.

I was talking to a couple of guys on the outside of my fence. They were tracking him for their breeding program - ya know those kind of folks that want to sell rednecks tickets to hunt their land?

Well, I figured I would rather they "rescue" him than some idiot shoot him for the horns and leave his body on the side of the road. So I let them on my property, after, the little guy ran past me. They had a tranquilizer gun - I made sure of their intentions beforehand.

Unfortunately, he was MIA by the time I let them on my land. Oh well, I just hope he is safe because he is just so beautiful and majestic!

I have an ACTUAL picture of him which I will post soon - the pic is on Hubby's camera which he has who knows where....


Jake said...

These are the stories I like. Sort of a cross between Robert Service and Jack London.

You mention on an earlier post, should you junk the folks that you visit and are not visited in return?

I have very few links and some I never even visit but do not have the heart to dump. In fact, I like some of your links and visit them much more than mine.

To be honest, I have no trouble in reading the posts and never seeing the owner ever darken my blog at all.

I do enjoy seeing where some of my lurkers come from and how they got there.

Some of the Googlers were a bit confused at showing up at one of my ramblings.

So far the Dorcas Drake sex change has produced no Googlers at all.

I was waiting for a pile of perverts to make an appearance. They most be at a convention in Montana somewhere

NoMas said...

Crack me up "in Montana somewhere". I guess I was just being somewhat insecure and also wondering - do some of these folks I link really want me to visit them? Initially, people like a certain comment of mine, then they seem to shun me. I speak of those that must "approve" a comment before posting - some have not approve me despite my meager, polite comment. So I was just wondering.... Thank you, Jake, for continuing to visit and comment on my meandering thoughts!

P.S. I hope the word "crack" initially here doesn't bring in the perverts. So far I have averted such freaks in my ass/donkey posts!

Hammer said...

I thought I was crazy but I saw a herd of those on the highway while driving to fredricksberg.

There used to be so many wildlife preserves up and down highway 46 back in the 80's and 90's I'm sure some of those things got over or around those 10 foot game fences.

NoMas said...

I just learned (and witnessed) that these particular deer will not jump a fence no matter how low. This guy (the buck) has obviously gotten attention around here due to the rarity. Seeing a herd of them near Fredericksburg nust have been so awesome. Probably none left due to the hunters - I hate that.

Otis said...

There are a couple of guys around Seguin that raise exotic deer...and you're in the hill country so anything is possible.

It is a pretty animal I agree.

Perhaps he read your profile and saw that you like Uncle Buck...