Thursday, December 14, 2006

Caroling on the Bridge

For the third year Joppa, Texas is holding Caroling on the Bridge (see pixs) both this Friday and Saturday at 7 PM I attended last year, although my voice wasn't up to par due to having thyroid surgery a few weeks before. It was so much fun. There was only 10 of us on the historic light-covered bridge. We had hot chocolate and lots of snacks and sang ourselves into bliss. Good ole fashioned fun!

Now ya know I'm old when I don't want to go to the clubs and throw down!


Jake said...

I would guess that you are alto voice

I harmonize with the alto. Who am I?


NoMas said...

You must be a tenor. i am a soprano.

Jake said...

The alto sings along with the Basso voice, so this is this voice that I sing.

In high school I was the only basso profundo in a school of 600 students.

I was also the only student that did not need the mike to speak to a crowd in the auditorium