Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Texas Tuesdays

A new venture in my posts: beginning today, every Tuesday I will post about Texas - trivia, little known facts, recipes, jokes, native plants, news, you name it! Thus, today's Texas Tuesday:

Years back I discovered
Susie's South Forty Texas Pecan Toffee.

Coated in powdered sugar, this stuff is better than rain in August. Susie now has a number of delicious treats but the toffee remains my favorite. When a friend of mine in Midland was ill, I had the opportunity to visit Susie's shop. It is a great shop with party supplies, gift baskets, but the sampling opportunity.... The little ladies that run the place dole out sample upon sample. My girlfriend and I would go there considering it lunch. The toffee is freezable so a big box will last awhile. Check er out.

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