Friday, November 03, 2006

Judge Payne Recognition - Get Out the KY Vote

FRANKFORT, Ky., Oct. 31, 2006 * Daviess County District Judge David Payne has been honored for his efforts on behalf of Kentucky's foster children. Judge Payne received a Recognition Award at the 19th Volunteer Recognition Banquet, which took place during the 2006 Citizen Foster Care Review Board State Conference (CFCRB) in Louisville Oct. 27-29. Judge Payne was nominated for this award by June D. Bell. Mrs. Bell stated in her nomination: "I believe Judge David Payne deserves this award for the work he does on behalf of the children in this district. He always presents a calm, caring demeanor no matter what the situation or the reason a child may have to appear in his court. He is never belittling toward any child or parent. He is a good listener and his knowledge of the case is proof that he really cares about the outcome and needs of those he is dealing with. He makes it a point to ask for the opinion of the individuals who best understand the needs and concerns of each child. On many occasions you will find him at community activities that are for the benefit of children and families. This proves to me that his is not an 8-4 job and he recognizes these children need the support of the entire community to make changes in their troubled lives."Judge Payne presides over Juvenile Court as part of his duties on the district bench. Juvenile Court cases often involve children who are abused or neglected. As a means of protecting children from abuse or neglect, judges must sometimes order that they be removed from their homes. If there are no suitable family members or friends available to care for these children, foster care is the only other option. When the parent successfully completes counseling or other treatment programs ordered by the court, the child can be returned to the home.The annual CFCRB awards recognize individuals who demonstrate exceptional commitment to Kentucky's foster children. Award winners are nominated by CFCRB volunteers statewide who submit nominations in the categories of judges, volunteers, staff of the Department for Community Based Services and staff of the Administrative Office of the Courts.More than 800 volunteers serve as members of the Citizen Foster CareReview Board. The Kentucky General Assembly created the CFCRB in 1982 as a way to decrease the time young people spend in foster care. Today there are 141 local boards across the state. In the last year alone, the boards reviewed case files of 8,000 children who were removed from their homes and placed into foster care. The volunteer reviewers help ensure children receive the necessary services while in alternative placement and make every effort to locate permanent homes for them. The CFCRB Conference Committee planned the 2006 banquet and the "Planning for the Future" training conference. The Dependent Children's Services Division of the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) in Frankfort sponsored the event. The AOC is the administrative arm of the Kentucky Court of Justice and supports the activities of more than 3,500 court system employees, including the elected offices of justices, judges and circuit court clerks. For more information: Judge David Payne, Daviess District Court, Division 2, Owensboro, KY 270-687-7214
I know it's election time and politicians are raking our senses with mumbo jumbo; BUT, having known David since 1991, I know that he is a straight-shooter and most likely gives 'em hell there in Kentucky. Go get 'em, David - we are proud of you!
Good luck on re-election.

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