Friday, November 10, 2006

The Eye of an Ass

Back in June of this year, my donkey developed a corner eye ulcer. Despite using a couple of environmentally friendly fly repellents on the farm, I discerned she had a bite.

One really good repellent is
The Fly Bag. Containing a fly pheromone, these things get very ripe after about a week. You've never smelt anything quite this bad - you'll actually gag if you get downwind of it. It could end or start a war. And, as flies love nasty crap, they adore this stuff, climb into it and die. Once the bag is full of flies, you toss it. (I let them dry out where they hang cause I ain't putting that stuff in my trash can - NASTY.) I've often thought that if someone ever pissed me off enough, I'd pour this on their porch or better yet into the windshield wiper vents of a vehicle. They would never know what had died. Problem is, you'd have to pour the ripe concoction into a transport container and carefully get it to desired destination. Once I spilt some of the dead flies and heady pheromone on my hand - for a good week I was nauseated.

It was time to call out our local veterinarian. Doc Trampus Isom and his wife Dr. Kelli Isom are our new vets. Both in their early 20s, he is at least 6’5” tall, 300 lbs with red hair. Kelli is about 5’5, 120 lbs with blonde hair. They have a sixteen-month-old red headed baby boy that looks like a football player! They are the nicest folks.

Trampus diagnosed carcinoma and opted surgery or an alternative medication
Blood Root (aka Black Root, Black Salve, Indian Root). This amazing stuff, dark chocolate in color with a consistency of gritty syrup, was applied to her eye daily for two weeks. A hard leathery scab formed over the ulcer and, magic, after weeks of wrestling a spoiled donkey to medicate the ulcer, it fell off. No mas ulcer!


Anonymous said...

Glad your donkey is better.

My dad has four of his own and I'll be sure to tell him about blood root salve

NoMas said...

Some humans and the native Indians use/used it for treating warts to melanoma. It doesn't burn but is more like a vasaline that eventually eats away at the invading ailment. It never bothered my skin. Although I used a q-tip to apply it to Alyssa's eye, sometimes I was "treated" to it. Also, has no distiguishable smell. Interesting remedy.