Monday, October 09, 2006

Oh, Brother

Friday the thirteenth has never found me superstitious. Friendly spooks and goblins are welcome visitors - if I ever have the pleasure of that sort of company!! However, there must be some extraordinary factors at work with this particular full moon phase: JL was in what could have been a fatal car crash, Arlene passed and now I hear that Corey had to euthanize his dog-baby Hershey.
A few years ago, Corey took a life-changing leap that most of us wish we had the tenacity to do. He quit a six-figure job and moved out-of-state to pursue a life-long dream: attending Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture school in Arizona. With a divorce under his belt (possibly due to the strain of the move) and a total change of his life, he had to euthanize his little dog. I ponder: which is more painful - the reconstruction of one's life or the loss of one's dear friend? Having experienced both, I still am unsure of the answer.
I read somewhere today: animals are put on earth for a short time in comparison to humans because they do not have to learn how to love.
And, a happy belated birthday to my little brother.

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