Monday, October 30, 2006

Minor Accomplishments

Last night I discovered a quirky show on IFC: Dry laughs abound! Being on a farm, chores and projects never end. I use to be a go-getter, completing numerous tasks quickly. Now, I find myself jumping from one fire to another hoping to return to the original task at hand. AAAHHH, frustrating. Hubby, on the other hand likes to begin a project, start another and hopefully complete something. (I call that half-ass, much to his dismay and anger). Now a rant: we have been painting the outside of the house going on a couple of months now. It is almost complete except for the trim which was left for me. He was able to use the sprayer (easy part) to paint the siding. Now a new project, fencing off part of the property to retain the steers before selling, slaughter, whatever, is in the works as well. Hubby wants to go hunting in Colorado for the weekend despite promising to help me wrap up these projects. I asked him to stay in town - well, pout, pout, pout. Remember, he just went to a wild game resort last month to hunt so I'm not neglecting his need to get away. Hell, last time I left the farm for a day, he had practically destroyed the house because a bee had visited. There were shelves knocked off the wall, light fixtures broken, mud tracked all over the place due to his attempt to kill the bee! I had alot of fun cleaning that mess. Spoiled brat, he is! Minor accomplishments.

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