Monday, October 02, 2006

Another Vet Bill

My very first post.... Every week finds me calling our local veterinarian. This morning, Jace (my big black cat) had a visit to address a scratched cornea. He had been MIA for 2 days - arriving home on Saturday night with an ugly, ugly eye. Luckily, I had some eye antibiotic on hand from another animal's injury some months ago, so I was able to start treating it without an emergency vet bill. He is now on an oral antibiotic and two different eye meds. Hopefully, he will not lose the eye. Alas, we'll know Wednesday or Thursday on a followup appointment. On another note: I have not received word on Arlene (my friend that is dying of lung cancer) since I spoke to her husband Gene on Friday. He was very upset and crying then. However, I was able to speak to her for a few minutes - she's still fairly cognizant - and she said "I'm not dead yet." Still the spunky little woman she has always been! Family friends Tom & JoAnn are still at the hospital following his heart attack this past weekend. From all accounts, he is doing fairly well. Husband was gone all day to a class with his company only to come home grouchy. OW.

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