Friday, October 06, 2006

Ah Yes, Our Tax Dollars At Work

In reading another member's blog, I was reminded of this cold case report. It is just too good not to recollect here. I hope he is receiving good meals. Although, I don't know what Travis County jail serves diners, Hays County (San Marcos, Texas) Sheriff Hastings' administration used to purchase steaks in the early 90's (although those could have been going home with the staff - that's another story I might record some other time). Enjoy, dear readers.

Our friend Corey is arriving to go hunting on a wild game ranch with JL. (Don't get me started about my feelings of hunting)..... But, I'll be glad to see Corey; it has been awhile. BTW: Is this typeface easier to read??? I could hardly review my posts due to the small type - yikes!! I'm not THAT old am I? (Rhetorical - you better not answer that).

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Bob/Dad/Granpa/etc. said...

Well, here's a "yes and no" answer: yes it is and no you aren't too old.

And anyone with a blog name like that deserves serious consideration for the Name That Fish contest. But, sheesh; they liuve HOW long?