Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Organic or Not?

I like to think that some of the things put into my body are healthy for me. Ya know, organic milk with my morning coffee. Now it seems organic is not necessarily what we think that it is.

Dean Foods (sells milk under the Horizon label as well as Bordon, Land-o-Lakes, Hershey etc.) has admitted to shareholders that they use non-organically raised replacement heifers. (See this report ). So what we get for the extra cost is milk that has not been exposed to non-organic feed and antibiotics for a measly 90 days.

While I do not subscribe to fanatical intentions (nor do I suggest that the following group is fanatical), it seems we need a group such as the
Cornucopia Institute to monitor "organic" agri-corporations and attempt to keep the USDA in check.

Guess my milk and butter aren't so healthy after all.


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